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E-Rate Elite Services, Inc.

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Core Business Services Overview

Main Services

E-Rate Elite consultants provide appeal representation to assist your organization in handling compliance issues, audits and failed applications.

A web-based software application that manages E-Rate client accounts and includes: status, document sharing, compliance and disbursement tracking.

For financial, technological and compliance support, E-Rate Elite offers a thorough review of asset policies, procedures and best practices.

E-Rate ELite offers client-based training program to educate E-Rate applicants and USAC stakeholders on FCC rules, regulations and guidelines.

Avoid compliance concerns through a thorough audit of your E-Rate practices including: documentation, retention, bidding, Service Provider selection, asset tracking, etc.





EES provides a broad-range of services tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients. Operating within a compliance first approach, we advise and train our clients on how to best leverage their funding options.

From concept to implementation, E-Rate Elite manages, organizes, documents and tracks each project through to completion.  Contact us for a quote or evaluation.

Settng up a Telecom or Utility audit with E-Rate Elite can help recover overpayments, locate stranded assets, remove closed accounts and identify discrepancies that may result in erroneous charges.    

Our experienced staff can assist you in developing your businesss policy and strategies by determining your company's stengths and weaknesses relative to industry opportunities and threats.  

Audits are a standard part of E-Rate funding.  Our staff work to smooth the process for you and enhance your compliance with the auditor.