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Preparing for your 471 Call


We have a few reminders to help the Form 471 process flow as smoothly as possible as we move along with the FY2014 filing. Remember to not sign any contracts until 28 days after you have posted a 471. Keep a copy of all postings and responses.


471 Calls

Look out for your 471 scheduling email. Each client will receive an email listing several dates for your 471 call. If dates and times do not fit your schedule, please contact us as soon as possible so we can reschedule you at a more convenient time. Also, have your contracts and recent bills for each service provider ready. Your email will contain a comprehensive list of all items you should have available for your 471 call.


NSLP/Poverty Data

If you use NSLP data, you will need to send or log in your numbers for 2014. Per E-Rate regulations (October 31, 2013) we will not be reusing data from 2013. You may log into your account on the EES Website and input your information as soon as you have your NSLP/Property numbers for 2013. If you have any difficulty accessing or finding your school data, please call and we will help.


Block 2 Data

In order to complete Block 2 of Form 471 please enter the following information into E-Rate Pro:

a. Number of students (schools) or patrons (libraries)

b. Number of rooms or classrooms with phone service

c. Number of Internet connections (drops)

d. Number of rooms or classrooms with Internet Service

e. Number of computers with Internet Access

f. Number of Dial-up connections under 200kbps (download speed)

g. For over 200kbps - the number of buildings and the download speed of the connection

to each building


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