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FY2014 Eligible Services List

Are You Billed Correctly?


According to 47 CFR§54.500(f), your service provider must offer you the lowest corresponding price compared to the pricing they are providing to other non-residential customers throughout your

geographic area. This ruling prohibits service providers from charging E-Rate participants more than they would charge other customers for the same services. Please contact your service representative for more details or information..


The 2014 USAC Eligible Services Changes and Clarifications


Web Hosting

If your web hosting package includes blogging, chat and discussion boards, these are eligible for E-Rate reimbursement. These services must be provided by the same service provider that supplies your web hosting.


Lit and Dark FIber

Both lit and dark fiber are eligible for reimbursement. Re-routing fiber is considered construction NOT maintenance.


Leased Lit Fiber

Leased Lit Fiber is a Priority One Service. It Includes monthly charges, special construction charges, maintenance charges, and modulating electronics.


Leased Dark Fiber

a. Maintenance & Construction costs to connect the fiber are eligible only up to

the eligible entity's property line.

b. Monthly charges and maintenance for maintaining reliable operation are eligible.

c. If the dark fiber serves other customers (including the parish church or town

offices) the costs of maintenance should be allocated according to shares.

d. Dark fiber should be listed as Internet access if the eligible service provider

is not a telecommunications provider.


IMPORTANT: "E-Rate support may be provided only for eligible products or services

that will be used for educational purposes.



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