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E-Rate Elite Services, Inc.

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A comprehensive management service designed to ensure compliance and secure Federal E-Rate funding.  

E-Rate Elite consultants offer appeal representation to assist your organization with compliance after committment adjustments, a failed application process, and audit findings.

A web-based software application that manages E-Rate client accounts, including application status, disbursement tracking, and compliance documentation sharing.

A proficient management service intended to assist schools and libraries with compliance to Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

A training program to educate E-Rate applicants and USAC stakeholders on FCC rules, regulations, and guidelines.

An E-Rate Elite consultant will provide the representation your organization needs to resolve a USAC audit successfully and minimize any potential corrective actions that you are facing.  

Project Management

E-Rate Elite Services offers strategic project management from professionals with extensive backgrounds in creating and running multidisciplinary projects that deliver business benefits to clients.  Whether operating or capital projects our best practices and deployment methodology results in timely and fiscally responsible projects.


E-Rate Elite has developed best practices for project management based on repeatable and well-defined methods that promotes accurate scheduling to improve project or program performance.  Performance-based practices that involves monitoring how the work has been grouped, making changes as necessary or appropriate, forecasting project risk and assessing the influence of all project components on the budget.  


Our process planning and execution minimizes deployment risks and streamlines project cost.  Our project management software promotes transparency within the projects to all stakeholders.  Imagine projects where you did not have to wait for a status report from the project manager.  The ability to “flag” specific tasks and milestones to notify you when they have been completed.