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E-Rate Elite Services, Inc.

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E-Rate Management

E-Rate Elite Services, Inc. (EES) offers the following packages, each as an option for a specific filing year or group of years. Each contract is scaled and priced according to the size and needs of the school, library or district involved. Packages offer the advantage of providing a dedicated account manager who understands the specifics of that funding year as they relate to your filings.


Contracted services for the current filing year include the following:


Feasibility Analysis

Technology Planning

Existing Program Assessment

Establish filing plan

Help Desk Support

Dedicated account representative

Quaterly reviews

Status reports (monthly, quarterly or yearly as desired)

Electronic Newsletter and E-Rate Bulletins

EES web portal-E-Rate Pro Online

Appeals support for any EES filed form, if needed

E-Rate Compliance Plan

Review form 470's for compliance

Correct, reconcile and submit valid forms as needed

Analyze technology plan, verify approvals

File appeals, extensions, etc. for valid forms as needed

Review accounts for duplicate filings