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E-Rate Elite Services, Inc.

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EES offers a broad range of services tailored lo fit individual program needs from consulting on technology planning, the full application process, appeals/audit representation, compliance matters, monthly newsletters, training, online account access, and a host of other client benefits.  Clients can operate with the greatest confidence in EES's ability to manage an account through a partnership of strategic planning and consultation.


Creating long-lasting advantages that produce dramatic shifts in competitive position and cross new performance thresholds is the constant focus of EES.  Cultivating an engaged management approach that encourages a continuous flow of innovation is a recognized cornerstone of EES "high-performance" results.  Innovation is the core of all vibrant companies.  However, "innovation" means more than just good ideas.  While applying leading-edge technologies is a part, it must be judged on the basis of business results, improvements to existing services, time-savings to the client, and knowledge transfer.  Forecasting client funding needs are essential to optimizing E-Rate, and thereby, paramount and foremost in development of EES's processes and strategies.


EES was awarded the Top 100 MBE Award in 2007, with its principal place of business located in Maryland, EES is a minority-certified full service, consulting firm.  The firm currently manages in E-Rate funding and projects nationwide.  EES has managed in excess of $700 million in E-Rate funding, audits and appeals, since its inception in 2001.


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